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FlashCamp Egypt

Yesterday I’ve joined Flash Camp in Egypt ..

Flash Camp Egypt is the most prestegious Adobe User Groups event in Egypt for 2009. Organized by Imagine – Adobe User Group in Egypt, and hosted by the AUC in their magnificent Bassily Auditorium at the New Campus in New Cairo.

Sarmady was one of the gold sponsors for the event, along with many other sponsors like Adobe Inc., Msn Arabia, Datum, O’Reilly, iStock Photo, Total Training, …, and many more.

Event sessions was concerning Adobe Flash Platform technologies and it’s benefits for digital business in Egypt, focusing on Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtime, involving the major authoring environments like Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Flex Builder and the new product Adobe Flash Catalyst.

Flash Platform created a breakthrough into the digital market, by migrating the end-user practices to a whole new level of rich-internet experiences, which delivers the most compelling applications, content, and video to the widest possible audience.

We’re not talking about animation features only, but also interactive content, data visualization, rich applications, media and gaming experience, all in one light-weight software platform used by 99% of internet users, the Flash Player.

Sarmady always in a hunt for new technologies, especially creative and interactive ones, we use Flash Platform interactive features for all our digital advertising campaigns, also we have developed special reporting services like Dwell Time, Leading Actions, and many more to come ..