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Adobe For iPhone Back Online

This is a long waited debate ended-up with great news for every Flash & ActionScript developer ..
On September 9th, Apple has announced a statement that it has lifted restrictions on its third-party developer guidelines, followed by Adobe in the same day announcing to developers that they can deliver applications for iOS devices, and they will now resume development work on Adobe’s Packager for iPhone.

Well, What would be the odds of that?
Considering how many ActionScript developers compared to Objective C developers, I think it’s clear enough that there is a revolution coming to the AppStore.

Some would say, so what?!
I say it’s simply a huge field for expanding Flash based applications, which means extremely good for business, especially with the multi-touch feature ..
and ..
It increases the potential competition between HTML5 and Flash Platform as well!

Because Apple has adopted HTML5 since it is open standards, unlike Flash which is closed system, in addition to few other reasons stated by Steve Jobs himself on April 2010, which of course what this is all about ..