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Reactive / Responsive / Interactive

Reactive is acting in response to a stimulus without proper observation (emotional over mental)
Responsive is taking appropriate action in the moment after discern and differentiate relative priorities (mental over emotional)
Interactive is allowing a two-way flow of information between parties (emotional, mental, and physical)

Interactive Design actually refers to the communication channel produced by certain design, unlike Responsive Design which creates a single reaction controlled by design.
Reactive Design is something completely different, there’s no specific actions needs to be taken in response to design, hence it’s all about emotions, so to speak!

In other words, Interactive Design could be described as a set of Responsive Designs!
To control all possible reactions there must be a well managed flow of information (Information Architecture), and to deliver those reactions there must be a well designed User Scenarios (User Experience).

In case we refer the common abbreviation IxD to Interactive Design as well, then:

IxD = IA + UX

Interaction Design and Interactive Design are not quite similar, in fact it’s a literate issue ..
Interaction Design is designing the objects with which the user can interact (Architectural, Industrial, User Interface).
Interactive Design is designing the communication channel in which the user can interact with objects (Presentation, Visualization, Advertisement).

Alternatively, Interaction Design is essential to Interactive Design, without the interaction objects there’s no place for the interactive channel!

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